Dômo-Komo 1

Aude Barrio
Barbara Meuli

14 x 19.5 cm
56 pages
cover silk-screen
inside photocopy
saddle-stitch binding
100 copies
first quarter 2020

8,00 €

Dômo-Komo is a comic book fanzine created by Barbara Meuli and Aude Barrio. It includes duo and solo works by the artists: ongoing projects, improvisations, research or bottom-of-the-drawer finds ... The fanzine issues will be released irregularly, according to the two artists' mood.

"Dômo-Kômo: This Edo yokai is the ghost of two doctors who, wanting to decide which one was better, grafted the head of one on top of the other before dying." (YOKAI, by Shigeru Mizuki, ed. Cornélius)