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We created Hécatombe in 2004. Like so many organisations at that time, we set up a bookstore distribution system, allowing us some significant print runs for quite small handmade books. Ten years later, we still make our own books most of the time and distribute them to bookstores. Our aim is not to expand but rather to maintain balance of production on a human scale.

We each work on our own publications and regroup them under a common banner. We share material, give each other advice and help, yet the author of a book remains its sole creator, right through to the finished product. We draw from a range of choices that are usually left to the editor, yet our aim is not to become editors ourselves. We feel that publishing a book is as much about content as it is about the material it is made from because actually, there is no difference between the two.

Our catalogue has been built on a succession of fragmented initiatives. Hécatombe aims for a space in which the creation of a book is not so much dictated by practical requirements as by a certain poetry of form.



Servidis-Avec Plaisir
Servidis-Avec Plaisir
Julien Delaye


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