Yannis La Macchia

13 x 13,5 cm
24 pages
leporello, bookjacket
600 copies
isbn 978-2-940432-14-1
fourth quarter 2014

18,00 €

Réversible is a book you can read once, before turning it inside out and reading it a second time. The second reading is similar to the first one, the main difference being that the two main protagonists have switched skin colour. As he continues his reflection on the relationship between object and story, Yannis La Macchia comes up with an unusual reading experiment. The book, the printing and the actual putting together of the book were all done manually.
After a first reading, much like an ordinary book, the reader is invited to undo the book and to put it back together following the instructions printed on the cover. This odd act, both symbolic and practical, allows the author to turn the tables : The reader in turn becomes maker of the book. Once the object has been turned inside out, what it reveals is once again the result of roles being reversed.