Aude Barrio
Barbara Meuli

18.5 x 12.5 cm
32 pages
saddle stitch binding
200 copies
french / portuguese
third quarter 2015
outright sale

8,00 €

In astronomy, the habitable zone is a region in space that has the necessary conditions for the apparition of life as we know it, on Earth. Planets and moons in those areas may host life systems.
In June 2015, Barbara Meuli and Aude Barrio were artists in residence at Zaratan gallery of contemporary art in Lisbon. Their residency resulted in a book, two installations, an animated film and a small fold-up fanzine poster.
Based on the development of their work with graphic novels, the two authors address such topics as space and time, as well as the suspension of one with the other, combining reflections around the factual elements of graphic novels with purely personal phantasmagoria. The book is the starting point and a central thread as well as an extension to the exhibition.