UEEH - Université d'Été des Éditions Hécatombe


13,7 x 18,8 cm
120 pages
monotype, photocopy
stapled and glued together notebooks
200 copies
isbn 978-2-940432-17-2
second quarter 2016

25,00 €

5 artists, 2 residencies and 5 glued notebooks: UEEH is a raw object that combines five experimental encounters. During the first session, members of Hécatombe gathered to try out various experiments: visual, narrative, silk-screened and discursive. The resulting five works each represent a notebook that forms the pattern of the book.
The second session was dedicated to the design of the object itself. This process illustrates Hécatombe’s favoured approach: the content of a book and its materiality are integral. Authors gathered to reflect upon and decide on the form of their work. The result: an original binding and experimentations with marbling – an ancient monotype technique.
The final work is sober, almost austere at first glance, and yet the content is refreshing. Ultimately, the book is particularly coherent, thanks to simple and effective editorial choices (printing technique, colours, format and binding) that highlight the diversity of the different chapters.