Un Fanzine Carré no C


9 x 9 x 9 cm
900 pages
offset, silk-screen
case binding
silk-screen on the edge
999 copies
isbn 978-2-940432-11-0
outright sale
first quarter 2013

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A 9-centimetre square cube where each side is a cover. 999 books that differ from each other with their outside print, comprising 99 drawings and 6 glyphs that come together or split according to a precise algorithm to make an ensemble of 999 unique books.
Inside, a 900-page block of graphic novels, subdivided into 9-page parts bringing together 90 stories in a narrative clash between two sets of authors. An anthology, like a very broad and probably very personal delimitation of the fields to be explored in modern graphic novels.

More info: unfanzine.com