105 Livres Uniques

Thomas Perrodin

19 x 24 cm
42 pages
saddle stitch binding
105 copies
no text
outright sale
first quarter 2014

50,00 €

A real performance of a book, Livres Uniques dissects the silk-screening process, which has been at the heart of Thomas Perrodin’s work for several years.
Comprising an abstract narrative, the 210 books that make up the work tell the story of the printer’s skill, from his choice of paper, colours and format to the squeegee stroke, from the ink applied through the mesh to the mixture on the screen. Brutal or peaceful confrontation, relationship between tone and illusion, traces of the squeegee and the printing process, the two-colour printed pages reveal all the nuances of his mixtures.

The 105 books presented here are excerpts taken from the work presented in March 2014 at the Halle Nord gallery in Geneva.