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Pourtant on avait tout bien fait

Available online!

Hécatombe is happy to present "Pourtant on avait tout bien fait" available online now!


In "Pourtant on avait tout bien fait" (And Yet, We’d Done Everything Right), Hécatombe invites readers to take a stroll through a timeless future punctuated by the (self-)destruction and reconstruction of its societies. Falling down, getting back up, all right, but for how long? And above all, to recreate what? Neither truly utopian nor totally dystopian, but certainly chaotic and organic, Pourtant on avait tout bien fait is a work that plunges to the heart of themes dear to the Hécatombe collective.

At the end of the book, Raphaël Oesterlé interviews the Hécatombe collective about its working processes and methods.

Drawn by the entire Hécatombe collective with 5 hands, "Pourtant on avait tout bien fait" is the result of a month-long residency at the Cartoon Museum in Basel. The book is a counterpart and parallel to the "Hécatombe Collectives" exhibition held at the Cartoon Museum from 11 March to 18 June 2023.

This book and the Hécatombes Collectives project were financed and supported by the Loterie Romande, ProHelvetia and the City of Geneva.